Superior Security

iMoose Employs Layers Industry Best Practices and multi-factor security to provide defense-in-depth against external and internal threats

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Secure Fund Storage

99% of customer funds are stored offline. Our HSM's are guarded & monitored within secure access-controlled facilities.

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Rigid Internal Controls

Employee background checks, internal 2FA, Hardrive encryption, Multi-Signature Authorizations.

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Professional Services

Intuitive Interface

The intuitive interface is suitable for beginners and advanced users

Instant 24/7 User Support

We can speak in your language: English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russia, Vietnamese...

Dynamic Fees Structure

Our dynamic fee structure rewards high volume trading with lower fees.

Advanced API

Our trading API lets you develop secure,programmatic trading bots,

High-Performance Order Matching-System

Our Scalable Order-matching Engine is able to process up to 100k or higher per second

Deep Pool of Liquidity

Enjoy our institutional level of spot liquidity

Name Story

Crypto Currency is like MONEY but not money, like SHARES but not shares, like a TOKEN but not a token.

Similarly a moose has its antlers like DEER but is not a deer, head like HORSE but not a horse, Hoofs like BULL but not a bull and tail like DONKEY but not a donkey.

So we use "iMoose" as the brand name for our exchange meaning a nickname for "Crypto Currency", we also use it to encourage ourselves to always be innovative like cryptocurrency.