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iMoose Exchange For Institutions

With the higher available API rate limit, 24/7 Priority customer service, one of the deepest liquidity pools, the institutional account on iMoose is good for

  • Hedge, Mutual, and Pension funds.
  • High-frequency Trading Firms, Algorithmic Trading Firms, and Proprietary Trading Firms.
  • Investment Banks, OTC Brokers and FCMs.
  • Endowments managers, Insurance Firms, and other Asset Managers.
  • Wallet Services, Online Payment Services, ATMs, Crypto Payroll etc.

iMoose Advanced API offers the highest available rate limits.

As a core aspect of an advanced trade strategy, all iMoose institutional clients will receive expanded rate limits on private API calls, allowing for the placement of a private API call every second.

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iMoose Institutional Accounts get higher limit funding options.

Institutional accounts with iMoose are given higher funding limits for both fiat and digital asset funding options. This includes significantly increased daily and monthly limits on digital asset withdrawals.

Get access to iMoose's priority 24/7 customer service

Our corporate clients receive full access to iMoose OTC desk for personalized services on high volume trades.

Our corporate clients also receives 24/7 access to our dedicated account management team via email or text/message service.

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