how to unlock my account?

How to unlock account

If your account has been frozen (or "locked"), please follow the following steps to unlock it.

1. After logging into the official website, click "Reactivate" in the warning dialog.


2. Read the notice, check the box to confirm your consent, then click "Reactivate Account." Please note that, for security reasons, it is not possible to begin the account reactivation process within two hours of an account being locked. 



3. A verification email will be automatically sent to your iMoose account email address. Click the button to unlock your account.

4. If your account has passed level 2 verification, or if you have never made a deposit into your account, please skip to Step 5.

Otherwise, please input the iMoose deposit address of the latest coin you deposited into your account.

Note: If you’ve forgotten the deposit address, please go to the wallet or exchange you withdrew from and check the transaction you made when you deposited the funds into your iMoose account.

If you still can't provide the correct deposit address, please click "Try another way." The system will ask you some random security related questions. You must answer at least three questions correctly. If you fail to do so (within three attempts), you will be unable to submit another request until two hours have passed.



5. On the following page, click "Start ID verification"


Please choose the country your ID was issued in:



Choose how you will upload your ID:



Upload the front of your ID card, passport, or driving license:

(personal details must be shown clearly and legible)

Upload the rear of your ID

Upload a photo of yourself holding a handwritten note.

The note must include the following text: iMoose + Unlock Account + (current date YYYY/MM/DD)

6. After the photos being submitted successfully, you will receive an email for facial verification confirmation. Please get through the verification link in the email to start your facial information recognition.

7. Please click "Begin Verification" to enter the verification page, you can verify 5 times within 24 hours. If you failed the verification procedure for 5 consecutive times, please wait for 24 hours to retrigger the verification confirmation email.

8. Please click "PC Authentication" and according to the tips in the webpage: Authorize the webpage the usage of camera and execute corresponding operations, complete the verification and wait for the inspection.

9. If you cannot pass the facial verification by web page on PC client, you can also try to go through the process by scanning the QR code with 'iMoose' APP.

10. Open your iMoose APP in your phone and find the 'support', then scan the QR code to finish the facial verification(make sure you've already installed the latest version of your iMoose APP)

11. Please follow the steps in your phone to finish the facial verification. Once you finished, please be patient and wait for the result. The result will be sent to your mailbox. Kindly check.