iMoose tries its best to  improve SMS Auth. coverage. However, some countries and areas are currently not supported.

1.If you cannot enable SMS auth., please refer to our Global SMS coverage . If your area is not covered on the list, please enable Google Auth., and refer to the following guide:

If you have bound SMS auth., or you are in the Global SMS Geo. coverage, please take the following steps:

  • Ensure the Cellphone has good signal, otherwise, please re-position to a better spot.
  • Close Anti-virus software and/or firewall apps on your cellphone;
  • Restart your cell  phone.

If you still cannot receive SMS code, please reply to the support ticket with your cellphone number, machine type, ios/Android version, and your location. iMoose will respond to you as soon as possible.

For now, some countries are not supported by iMoose’s SMS system. If this applies to you, please use the Google Authentication Verification to bind it to your iMoose’s account for security.

Here is the Google Auth. Operation Guide:

Here are countries which are supported by iMoose SMS system currently: