Superior Security

iMoose Employs Layers Industry Best Practices and multi-factor security to provide defense-in-depth against external and internal threats

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Secure Fund Storage

99% of customer funds are stored offline. Our HSM's are guarded & monitored within secure access-controlled facilities.

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Rigid Internal Controls

Employee background checks, internal 2FA, Hardrive encryption, Multi-Signature Authorizations.

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Professional Services

Intuitive Interface

The intuitive interface is suitable for beginners and advanced users

Instant 24/7 User Support

We can speak in your language: English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russia, Vietnamese...

Dynamic Fees Structure

Our dynamic fee structure rewards high volume trading with lower fees.

Advanced API

Our trading API lets you develop secure,programmatic trading bots,

High-Performance Order Matching-System

Our Scalable Order-matching Engine is able to process up to 100k or higher per second

Deep Pool of Liquidity

Enjoy our institutional level of spot liquidity

Name Story

We use "iMoose" as a Metaphor for "Crypto Currency".

Crypto Currency is like MONEY but not money, like SHARES but not shares, like a TOKEN but not a token. So we gave Crypto Currency a nickname: 'iMoose'.

Because a moose has antlers like DEER but is not a deer, head like HORSE but not a horse, Hoofs like BULL but not a bull and tail like DONKEY but not a donkey.