What is MOO?

MOO is the symbol of iMoose Token. The MOO Token is implemented as ERC20 compatible token over the public Ethereum blockchain.

Tokens Issuance

Total issuance of MOOs is 910,000,000

10% Angel Investors
3M USDT Equivalent Only
10%Private Sale
9M USDT equivalent
10%Community Contributors
Locked for 2 years
90M USDT equivalent
20% Locked for 3 years
25%Company Reserves

Rewards for holding MOO

If you hold MOOs in your iMoose account, you will enjoy trading fee discounts up to 80%. More details please read Trading Fee Table.

Rewards for locking MOO

When you lock a minimum 10,000 MOOs, you are eligible for

A ) Extra Rewards for Referral Program if you lock a minimum amount of MOO to encourage our clients to contribute to the iMoose community buildup. More details, please read.

B ) Airdrop Rewards from new listed projects

When will MOO start trading?

MOO will be immediately listed on iMoose exchange after 1st batch private sell. https://www.imoose.com

Where can you use MOO?

  • Pay Trading Fees

    A substantial usage of MOO at early stage is paying trading fees.

    Privileges: You can receive varied discount rates depending on the amount of MOOs and the length of period that you have been already holding. Learn More.

  • More usage scenarios and privileges will be announced later with ecosystem growing.

Guaranteed Redemption Price

In the case that the market price of MOOs on iMoose Exchange is lower than the latest and highest ICO price, iMoose will take in MOOs at value of the highest and latest ICO price when it used to pay trading fees.

For example, when MOO's market price on iMoose exchange is lower than $0.09, lower than the latest and highest ICO price, iMoose will accept MOO payment for trading fee at value $0.10.

Burning Mechanism

After ICOs finished, iMoose will destroy MOO every quarter according to the trading commission income from iMoose exchange, before 60% of the MOO total supply is burned eventually.

All burn transactions will be recorded and can be verified on public blockchain.