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Listing & Incubation

Apply For Listing

In order to provide more high-quality investment options while protecting the interests of our customers We always welcome tokens or coins with great potential to submit applications for listing on iMoose

If your project is at the pre-ICO stage or you want to provide an IEO on iMoose for your coin or token, fill in the request from below

Apply for incubation

iMoose is not just a trading platform, but also a resource center for various cryptocurrency projects. It's our great passion to discover, incubate, match-make or even partner with initiative blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

Technical Experts

If you are technology experts and always have many feasible business ideas, but lack marketing resources and skills.

Come and contact us for incubation, we can connect you with top marketing people or teams

Marketing Experts

If you are a marketing expert with the required marketing resources and skills, and have an amazing business idea, yet lack the technical skills required.

Come and contact us for incubation, we can connect you with technology geniuses.

Have a working product?

if you are looking to secure invest to scale your growth, apply for partnership investment opportunities.

Listing Cost

iMoose strives to make the listing process simple, transparent and fair.

There are no up-front costs with listing a token or coin on iMoose, Only the team competitiveness, project potential, product quality and community size matter.

Terms & Conditions

In order to ensure that our customers have access to the highest quality tokens and coins, The following scenarios will trigger a full internal review of a assets - during this period trading of the asset will be suspended leading to immediate delisting if the token or coin no longer meets the high standard expected by our customers.

  • The asset issuer attempts to conceal information regarding events or spread misinformation that may seriously affect the price and associated risk.
  • The asset issuer is suspected of illegal activities such as false advertising, money laundering, fraud or pyramid schemes.
  • Trading volume for the asset fails to reach US $20,000 or equivalent assets for 15 consecutive days.
  • Associated risk of the asset is increased due to security vulnerability discovery, theft or unannounced issuance.
  • The asset issuer is suspected of serious market manipulation.
  • The asset issuer's values, ethics or mission no longer aligns with that of iMoose.
  • the asset issuer is dissolved or has a major organisation or business model restructuring, such as a change of core members.
  • iMoose reserves the right to suspend trading and delist any asset that we feel no longer provides sufficient value or presents high risk to our customers.