What is Liquidity?

Liquidity refers to how easily an asset can be bought or sold at a stable price on a given market.

In crypto currency trading, it refers to the ability to buy and sell a currency pair without creating a huge impact on its exchange rate. Hence, a currency pair can be regarded as having a high level of liquidity when it can be bought or sold easily, and there is a significant amount of trading activity for that pair.

Crypto Currency Liquidity on iMoose

iMoose Exchange liquidity doesn't rely only on the trade volume of our own exchange. Our deep pool of liquidity aggregates more than 30% of total liquidity in the crypto world, and consists of other major exchanges, liquidity providers, OTC orders of institutional clients, hedge funds, and thousands of client-broker orders

All iMoose users can freely access to one of the deepest pools of liquidity in the industry, tight spreads and much more.